Welcome to Aa-valdet (also called Syrstad private), a great fishing zone in Orkla river.
                          Situated close to Aa centrum, 8 km from Meldal community and 30 km from Berkaak.
                          We have opened up the fishing zone for private hire for all who wants to try fishing at our zone.
                          it's suitable for one and two handed rods. Fly, worm bait and also spinning spoon bait are allowed,
                          and it's possible to have a guided tour to become known around the fishing zone.
                          Our fishing zone is situated a short walk from Aa centrum. It's 500m long fishing zone in Orkla river with a
                          good catching statistic.

                          Day, week and month fishing, it's possible for rent at nice prices.
                          The rent include a full self-hold guesthouse for maximum 8 persons just a short walk from the river.






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